Do you have what it takes to be a Scout?

The Scout program is designed around a lively variety of activities based on personal and group interests. Scouts emphasizes outdoor and environmental activities, citizenship and community service, leadership, and personal development. Interests and skills are recognized through an awards system. Scout age is from 11-16.

The outdoors is an essential part of the Scout program. Weekend events, extended hikes, no trace camping and seasonal sports opportunities round out the Scout experience. Developing an active, healthy lifestyle is the prime goal.

Scouts is not a drop-in program. It can only work if the members make a commitment to participate in all the activities. We understand that sometimes people get sick or have other emergencies, but if you know you can’t or don’t want to do weekend activities, Scouts is not for you.

If you commit to Scouts, we’ll commit to you.

If you are interested in being a Scout or helping as a leader, contact Scouter Keith at 416-363-7923,

Our planned schedule is available on the Scout page.