Sea Venturers & Sea Rovers

Venturers is for young people age 15-17 and Rovers is for those 18-25. They are both member-driven and we are responsible for creating our own program with support from the group. We often do things Venturers and Rovers together, but not always.

Right now we are making plans for a series of hikes that will take us all the way to the source of the Don River north of Toronto.

We were supposed to return to Scotland for two weeks this summer but events intervened. We did go in 2018 and there are tonnes of photos here.

We hold regular meetings online via Discord and will be meeting again in person (but outdoors) very soon. Get in touch with Liam or Kira for more information.



Venturers or Venturer Scouts is a program where youth practise leadership and create their own adventures through planning and executing their own program and provide leadership to younger Scouts. Venturer Scouts is for youth from 14 to 17 years of age.


Our Venturer Company meets on Wednesdays at 188 Carlton Street.


For formal occasions we wear navy blue shirts and white shorts with our group necker. For camp and casual activities, we just wear our neckers with t-shirt and maybe our group caps.