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Meeting Nights and first meetings

There has been a great shuffling of nights to better accommodate sailing (and other watersports) when the time comes. The new meeting nights are:

  • Wednesday: 6-7pm Beavers , 7-8:30pm Cubs
  • Thursday: 7-9pm Sea Scouts and Sea Venturers

First Meetings will vary by section:

  • Beavers: Wednesday, September 15, 6pm
  • Cubs: Wednesday, September 22, 7pm
  • Sea Scouts and Sea Venturers, Thursday September 23, 7pm

Additionally, Sea Scouts and Sea Venturers will be having Sailing and Camp Skill days on Snake Island, September 24 and 25 and a first camp at the end of October.

Scouting and Vaccines

We spent some considerable time in discussion of the subject of vaccines and reflection on the Scout promise and the subject of duty in particular. We feel that as a service organization of long history, that the duty provision is one of the strongest aspects of Scouting. In particular, in this case, the duty to country (as embodied by it’s citizens) and our duty to help other people at all times. Coupled with this is the fact that at least two of our Scouters are immune compromised due to cancer treatment and we have a duty to protect all our members. We should remember that vaccines, while pretty effective at protecting individuals are truly intended to protect the whole population through full adoption, therefore it is our duty to see that this happens. At the same time, we recognize that the vaccine is not yet available to all members.

After careful thought and deliberation, we are making the following statement:

“It is our expectation that all members who are able to receive the vaccine will do so as soon as possible, as a matter of their duty as a Scout to others.”

If you have concerns with this policy, then please contact Beth Baskin ( to discuss the situation.


Registration is open now for existing members (very few – only those actively registered between January and August 2021). For the rest of us (almost everyone, even long time members), registration opens September 15. The $230 registration fee will cover your registration to December 31, 2022–that’s more than a full year this time. Scouts Canada has changed to calendar year registration and we are all still getting used to it. 

Financial Assistance

Applications for the No One Left Behind (NOLB) registration subsidy are now submitted during the registration process and are processed immediately. You can register your youth in Scouting by visiting When all of the members that you wish to register in Scouting appear in the My Family section, please select the Apply for Subsidy button to process your NOLB application.

For more details:

Camp subsidies are handled through a group process, so please let Scouter Beth know if you will be likely to need assistance with camp fees.