Group Committee Minutes

Scouts 403 Meeting
Wednesday April 13, 2011

Present: Mary Beth, Lilanads,Vicki, Beth, David, Janis, Keith, Marie, Allyson

Regrets: Jacqueline



1.  Introductions – welcome new people

2. Treasurer report – no report today. Beth reports anecdotally that we look to be somewhere under $5000 and therefore in good shape for camps

3. Updates:

a) Beavers Update: Started with 9 in Sept. In Feb 2 swam up to cubs. Two new children came (or came back) in January so we’re back up to 9. It’s a good number and we’re doing well.

b) Cub Check in – 10 registered and nine show up with consistency. Went to the Kub Kar rally last week. Had fun and good learning. Henry came home with first place. Door prizes and some finalists. There are 8 year olds to 11 years olds. How to manage disappointment is a new theme we’re working on. Working on new badges. New cubs looking forward to get their badges. The new members are being well received. Good mix of boys and girls and working well together. Note: we will be losing 6 out of 10 for next year. Beavers will offer two but numbers will be down.

c) Scouts Update: 7 scouts. 3 are of venturer age. On April 28th one of the Venture groups from the west side is coming by to meet the older ones. Have been climbing a few times. Wanted to take it to the next level but things with Climbing Academy got a little confused. So climbing will fall back a bit. Did get basic climbing lesson one Saturday but that was the end of it. Patrols have been working on educ sessions for whole troupe. Survival skills and kits. Leave no trace principles. Spring camp weekend before cub camp. First week in July is Haliburton camp. Second week in July running a white water course and canoe trip for older scouts and venturers. Need to fill 12 spots to make the budget work. Three oldest did standard first aid this Saturday.


4. Promotion:

We need to be out there as much as possible to keep spreading the word. Four things coming up: Forsythia, Winchester, Pride and Cabbagetown Festival. We are hoping to have some promotion at each.

First is the Forsythia festival coming Sunday May 1st. A low-key community festival. We usually march in the parade and have a table in the parade. David will coordinate, Marie will bring table and work and Janis will set up table and volunteer to work the table.


Saturday May 28th Winchester fun fair is on. Low key cookie decorating table. Beth and Jacqueline will work on it with anyone else. Volunteers needed.

July 2nd and 3rd Pride Festival – Family area at Church Street Public School. Need to get more information and volunteers.

Cabbagetown Fetival Sept 10th and 11th.

Apple Day is Oct 15th


Discussion about flyers. Do we like standard scout flyers? Yes.  How to get our group info on the standard flyers? Mary Beth and Keith will work on it. Have something for Forsythia festival for sure.

Discussion about advertising on google. Also doing a Youtube video to help promote the 403rd Toronto is raised as an idea. Allyson has great ideas in this area.


5. Scout Camp – May 28th – last weekend in may. All 7 scouts are going. Not sure where yet. Hopefully canoe trip.


6. Mystery Tour May 28th – Group of cub packs from Scarborough and ours working together. Vicki has been working and planning. Surprise tour mostly on transit. Lots of running around. Lots of fun. Like amazing race. 403s will probably meet here. Will need a couple of volunteers. Travelling mosty by TTC. Bag lunches. Cost is $20 for each cub. Subsidy discussion. Vicki unable to attend due to a birthday party. Alyson volunteers to help.


7. Spring Cub Camp – Friday June 3rd to Sunday June 5th. Two nights. At Woodland Trails in Aurora. Bus transit is available. Can be picked up at Aurora. Keith will be quartermaster for the weekend. Promoting it as a Cub and Beaver camp, not a family camp. However, we know there are some kids who would not have a good experience unless parent is there. So there will be separate rules, roles and tents for parents. Low cost should be accessible. Agree $40.


*Cost Idea – bundle #6 and #7 together for $50. Approved


8. June 2 – All note that on Thursday June 2nd we cannot be in the church that day. Plan activities outside or elsewhere.


9. All Scout Pic Nic – Thursday June 9th. 6:00 PM – Riverdale West by the Picnic tables. Activities. Food, Games.. Pot luck. Leader recognitions, Four cubs going up to Scouts. Recognition for two moving on. Beavers changing new tail covers. Need hotdogs, drinks, food, etc. Beth – No one buy mustard or relish! Sheila is offering to help organize but would appreciate someone to help. Mary Beth will help.


10. Leadership – Need leaders. Need one additional at each level and possibly two. Make weekly commitment, planning and some organizing. Need a fundraising coordinator. Someone to make Apple Day happen. A registrar and treasurer possibly. Can train on-line. Can also learn in group sessions. Cub leaders have leader book. If anyone wants to have a look. You always have a reference. You are part of a team. Janis volunteers to be a Beaver Leader. Rusty is considering leadership as well. Not sure what will work best for him. Mary Beth has agreed to take on promotions but not by herself. Planning/program person would also be great. Please let Beth know if you are interested.


11. Area Meeting – Greater Toronto Council holding an information day – May 7th or 28th to bring parents, leaders, commissioners, really trying to provide volunteers with more support and knowledge. Will be getting e-mail out soon. Should come to each family and Beth will forward to all parents.


12. Other business –  David – St. Jamestown festival is coming up. David will find out when it is, how to get involved and will volunteer. Stay tuned for more details.

Vicki – is moving in May and lots going on. Will be a very busy month.


Reminder about this Saturday clean up event – happening rain or shine. Dress for weather, gardening gloves, snacks. Drop off and pick up promptly. 9:30 am.

Next Meeting: June Wed 15th at 7:15 at the Church