Camp Canoeing Instructor course

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Dates and times

  • May 4, 4pm – 4 hours – 2 in the pool, 2 theory – Etobicoke
  • June 14, 7pm – 2 hours theory – Six Mile Lake, Muskoka
  • June 15 – 10 hours, 6 hours on the water
  • June 16 – 8 hours

This is for any Scout Leader (youth or adult) who offers or would like to offer canoe instruction to other members of Scouting. It is the shortest instructor program that the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) offers. It is designed primarily for camps, but can also be used by organisations such as Scouting which have a tradition and proficiency in canoeing.

This is not a skills course! This in an instructor course. It is assumed that you already have a paddling skill level equivalent to at least ORCKA Basic 4 (solo). You can find more details about that program on the ORCKA website. You should contact Keith Nunn at 647-824-1408 to discuss your paddling skill.

It will let you teach and certify members of Scouting to ORCKA Basic 2. This is roughly equivalent to the Paddling badge, but by the recognized provincial paddling authority. There are 4 levels to the Basic certification and there are more skilled paths in specific disciplines as well (whitewater, tripping, style paddling). If there is interest, then we will offer a full Basic Instructor course next year (it would be two full weekends)

ORCKA is the most recognised canoeing authority in Ontario. ORCKA certification of one kind or another is used by most outfitters, tripping companies, camps and others. ORCKA certification can make those summer camp jobs easier to get. For Scouts with an interest in outdoor skills, it is a progression that truly runs through all skill levels and allows for more standardised learning and tracking of success.