Camp Canoeing Instructor course

This is for any Scout Leader (youth or adult) who offers or would like to offer canoe instruction to other members of Scouting. It is the shortest instructor program that the Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association (ORCKA) offers. It is designed primarily for camps, but can also be used by organisations such as Scouting which have a tradition and proficiency in canoeing.

This is not a skills course! This in an instructor course. It is assumed that you already have a paddling skill level equivalent to at least ORCKA Basic 4 (solo).

Whitewater Adventure

Sunday, July 6 to Saturday, July 12, 2014 on the Lower Madawaska River to Griffith, Ontario

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The 403rd Toronto Sea Scouts are hosting an exciting opportunity for Venturers and Scouts to take their canoeing skills to the next level on one of Ontario’s best canoeing rivers.
This camp is open to any registered member of Scouts Canada from age 13 to 17 inclusive. There are only 12 spaces for participants, so you should act quickly to secure your spot.

Sea Scouts Summer Camp 2014

While some of us are going to the Canadian Jamboree in Alberta from July 6-17, we will still be participating in the shared Haliburton Camp we have been a part of for some years now. We will be part of a combined troop at camp with the 1st Highland Creek and the 2nd Agincourt. The camp is open to 403rd Toronto Scouts, and Cubs who are going up to Scouts in June. Cubs who attend will be invested at camp.

Our campsite will be Hidden Bay. We will canoe to all our activities. Our activities will include archery, rifle shooting, sailing, kayaking, star gazing, rappelling, and much more. We will most likely do an overnight hike on our own partway through the week.

Apple Day 2013

This is our key fundraiser for the year and we need everyone to help out for at least one shift.

Youth will be doing the direct requests, but parents are critical to success – ensuring adequate supervision and supporting the youth in what can be a challenging endeavour for them. The section leaders are few in number and already put hundreds of hours into running program for your youth. Your help is needed to make the group work.

Wear your uniform proudly and visibly! If weather makes this difficult, please at least ensure that your scarf is visible. Wearing an undershirt under your uniform can help and a sweater is usually less obstructive of your uniform than a coat or hoody.

Reissue Sea Scout Crest

Hello Skippers, Mates, Coxswains, Sea Scouts, and Scouters,

I’m the former skipper of the 403TO Sea Scouts in downtown Toronto and currently an assistant with the same ship’s company and QM for the group. In my youth I was a Sea Scout at the 1st West Hill in Scarborough (now defunct).

At the Canadian Jamboree this summer, I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other Sea Scouts from across the country, especially the lone group between Ontario and BC (you know who you are 144). In general badge trading, I came across an old Sea Scout crest and traded for it as the holder didn’t really have any interest in it. Once I had it I found that the Sea Scouts I met were very interested in it and were all eager to trade for it. I ultimately traded it to one new sea scout who very much wanted it for his own jacket. It got me thinking though about how little Sea Scout material is available to us.

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