Cubs have an awesome camp on Snake Island!

Thanks to the great work of their Scouters, especially Scouters Jane (Jessica), Beth and Al, the Cub pack spent the weekend of June 24 on Snake Island and welcomed the Sea Scouts and friends from the 18th Willowdale to join them at camp. In addition to doing a good job or working together, the Cubs had fun in the Voyageur Canoe, playing on the beach, a water balloon battle and campfire.

Sea Scout Hans, and new Sea Scouts Nikhil and Alasdair sailed our new Mirror dinghy to and from camp. All in all, even with the wet start, it was a really awesome camp.

To keep our excellent program going, the Cubs need new Scouters, so think about joining the team and starting (or restarting) your Scouting adventure with us.