A new boat!

Huge thanks to Skipper Dave Palmer of the 3rd Tillsonburg Sea Scouts for the gift of their Mirror Dinghy and to the 63rd Windsor Sea Scouts for building it. We are very sorry that those groups are no longer operating, but we are so very pleased with how beautiful this dinghy is, for how well she sails, and for the care that all those Scouts and Scouters have taken of her.

While the 403rd was sailing Zests at QCYC on Thursday, June 22, Mate Thom drove to meet Skipper Dave and receive the dinghy. I had hoped to be able to meet Thom and take it over to QCYC on the ferry, but my imagination did not match reality and Thom and I quickly had to make a new plan and rushed to Cherry Beach via my home to pick up pfds. We had a delightful sail together and arrived to the delight of Sea Scouts Hans, Sidney, Nikhil and Alasdair.

This past weekend, Hans, Nikhil and Alasdair sailed her to and from our camp on Snake Island. Huge Thanks again to Skipper Dave, the 3rd Tillsonburg and the 63rd Windsor. Feel free to come down and visit us. We’d love to take you out in the Mirror or on Warington.

Skipper Keith