Camp this weekend is cancelled

Hello Scouts and parents,

Unfortunately, I am sick and getting sicker. Since we only had two leaders going to camp, we are now unable to go as I can’t risk the total crash I would probably have if I forced myself through. I feel terrible about cancelling camp, but we did have a good one in September and we’ll have our winter camp Feb. 1st to 3rd. We’ll do some great stuff in between as well.

Because camp is cancelled, the grocery shopping tomorrow night is cancelled as well.

The MEC Scout Night tomorrow from 7-9 is still on and I would encourage you to go, but I won’t be there. It is an individual event, so you can go on your own or with an adult. The store is open to the public that night anyway, so you won’t have to wear your uniform to get in, but you will need to wear your uniform to get the Scout discount on equipment. More information is here.