Letter to Scouts and Parents about the Canadian Scout Jamboree 2013

Dear Scouts and parents,

We spoke at a meeting in September about the possibility of going to the Canadian Scout Jamboree in July of 2013. I shared the likely Jamboree costs and travel costs. Most importantly, I said that if it was going to happen, Scouts and parents would need to get organized and take the lead in fundraising. I had hoped that some parents would step forward and get that ball rolling. That hasn’t happened and I need to ask the question more deliberately so that I can decide what I will do next summer.

The likely cost to send 2 leaders and 8 Scouts to the jamboree is $15,000.


  1. Are you committed to going to the Canadian Scout Jamboree next summer?
  2. Are you prepared to organize and run fundraising events to help cover the costs of the Jamboree?
  3. Would you like to go to the Jamboree even if no fundraising took place (approximately $1,600-$1,800)?

I need answers to these questions by Nov. 23 or I will assume that anyone who hasn’t answered these questions isn’t interested in going. Even if your answers are in the negative, I would appreciate a response so that I’m not wondering. If we are going to go, immediate action is necessary.

If the interest isn’t there we will start planning for Haliburton instead.

Scouter Keith