The Howler

September And Early October


Welcome all. We are very excited to start another scouting year, and hope all of you are just as excited as we are. It is great to see new faces as well as returning ones. We are trying to be very organized this year and get you all the information you need way before you need it. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions, any one of the leadership team would be happy to answer your question or direct you to someone who can. We are also happy to just talk more about our plans for what this year will look like and what you can expect.


We know there are lots of words on this page but reading through everything will help us all be aware of expectations and limit confusion so please read through everything carefully.


Requests and Reminders

  • New cubs should have a Cub Book as soon as possible. Cub books really are an important part of the program, as are uniforms.

  • New cubs should also have their uniforms for October  when they will be invested as a full cub. More about investiture to come.

  • Returning cubs should bring their Cub Books and wear their uniforms as soon as possible.

  • If parents could please sit down with their child and make a list of earned badges and e-mail that list to Akela We are trying to keep track of what everyone has earned and this list would help us in this task.

  • Please label everything! All the uniforms, scarves, and books look pretty much identical. Labeling everything ensures things get retuned to their rightful home with as little fuss as possible

  • On that note, new cubs will be issued a cub bag, and we would request that all the cubs things go in the bag for meetings to help cut down on loose and lost things. A good idea might be to keep the uniform in that bag as well so that when the meetings roll around you know exactly where it is.



Attendance is what makes cubs possible. The world is after all is run by those who show up. Camps, fundraising events and regular meetings are considered part of the program and cubs are expected to be there. We don’t have a lot of time and we have lots of awesome stuff to do, and we don’t want anyone to miss out. That said if for some reason a cub is going to miss something please let us know. We do like to know where people are. A quick e-mail would help us immensely.




Camp is part of our program. If there is an issue or anxiety surrounding camp, please let us know so we can do our best to help accommodate and relieve anxiety. Cubs is about getting outside and camp is a really big part of that, a part we want all cubs to participate in. Help us, help your cub fully enjoy this aspect of Scouting.




All money should go through Mor. She will collect the money and give you a receipt as well as recording it for our records. No other leader will take the money unless Mor isn’t present. Having one person do it makes things easier on everyone and limits confusion. Please do make sure you get a receipt. If you are unable to pay for anything, just talk to our group commissioner, Beth Baskin and she will help make sure  the cost is covered.




  • Leaders cannot be alone with any number of youth. So if you arrive early and there is only one leader you will be asked to hang around until another leader arrives.

  • Please let us know who can pick up your child. It’s important to us that we know every child is getting home safely.

  • As well its really important that cubs come dressed for the weather. Both for meetings and for camp. If you are having trouble finding or buying waterproof or warm clothing, let us know. We have loaner gear and also know where you can buy things.

  • Again I’d just like to reiterate that we would really like a quick email or phone call if your child is going to be absent.


  • Wye Marsh Camp – September 27-29

    • You will get a separate detailed handout about this.

  • Apple Day Fundraiser – October 18th and 19th


Odds and Ends


Uniforms are worn every week and can be purchased at the Scout Shop. Books are used lots and should be brought every week.  Akela often drives out the the shop and would be happy to pick items up for you.  You can also order uniforms etc. on-line – specify that your order will be picked up by a leader from 403rd Scouts Toronto.  If you want us to pick up any orders, please remember to let us know it is there. Talk to Akela if you need a subsidy or payment plan related to uniforms or books.


We will be doing our best to get all the camp dates and prices out as soon as possible so you can plan for the year. As a rule weekend camps will not be more than  $45.00. Weekend outings are a major part of our program. If money is an issue please speak to one of us or the group commissioner, Beth Baskin.  Subsidies and payment plans are always possible.


We will be working on the Blue and Black stars this year, as well as badges in those badge groups, if you would like to get a head start.


Let’s make this the best scouting year yet!


*If you are having trouble purchasing things please see one of us after the meeting or contact Akela (Vicki)  at 416-920-2520 or email her at*