Sea Scout Day on the Water – Sat.,Sep. 21


Toronto Island Camp Skills & Boating Day
Saturday, September 21, 2013

Unfortunately, the city permits department has been impossible to effectively contact to get a permit for our camp. As a result, we will not be camping this weekend, but will spend Saturday doing many of the activities we would have done at camp. We will start sooner to ensure that this important and exciting camp happens next year.

We will leave from the Church at 8:45 am to ensure we can make it to the ferry on time. Eat breakfast before you come. We will make lunch and supper on the island. We will be outside all day – dress for the weather. Please also bring 2 TTC tickets and $20 to cover food and ferry. As ever, if money is an issue, come anyway and contact our group commissioner Beth Baskin about a subsidy.

Provisional schedule

  • 8:30am meet at the Church and grab gear
  • 8:45am depart via TTC for the Ferry Dock (or Harbourfront Canoe and kayak if we have enough Scouts to take a Voyageur canoe)
  • 9:45am depart via canoe or ferry for the island
  • 10am hike to staging area (set up flags, opening)
  • 10:15am set up stations PLs and APLs teach/demonstrate:
  • camp stove(location, lighting, fueling),
  • tent(set up and care),
  • lantern(location, fueling, lighting),
  • fire building(fire pit prep, burn materials, construction, lighting, and extinguishing),
  • food preparation and cleanup
  • 12pm Lunch (prep, eat, and cleanup) 1/2 scouts clean up the stations, 1/2 do food prep and clean up
  • 1pm on water activity (TBD – most likely sailing large boats or dinghies, possibly canoeing)
  • 4 pm wide game
  • 6 pm Dinner (prep, eat, and clean up) 1/2 scouts do food prep and cleanup, 1/2 prep campfire
  • 7pm Clean up, dismissal and travel home
  • 8:30 pm arrive at the church, put away gear and depart


Snake Island Notice 2013