Friday, Sept.  27, – Sunday, September 29, 2013

Wye Marsh

(Midland, Ontario)


We will be sleeping in bunk houses, but everything else (including meals) will be outside.  Make sure you are dressed to be outside- Rain or Shine.  Proper rain gear is essential (Coat, pants, and boots).  Let us know if you have difficulty finding an item – we may have extra is our supplies.   Keeping your feet warm and dry is critical to keeping warm.  A hat is also very important in maintaining body temperature.  Avoid jeans and other cotton clothes if you can.  When cotton gets wet, it stays wet and cools your body very quickly.  Wool or synthetics (fleece, polyester, etc.) are best. 


We need a parent volunteer to co-ordinate rides – If you can take this task on, please contact me as soon as possible.


EAT BEFORE YOU COME.  We will be having mug up (snack) on Friday night.


Take the gear list seriously.  Things are on the list for a reason.  If there is a problem, talk to a leader.  We may have spare items that you can borrow.  More information will be coming through a newsletter as well as emails.


The cost of all 2 night camps this year will be $45.00, and this is what we are asking for the fee.

This particular camp is costing us a bit more (approximately $10.00 more per cub.  If you can donate the extra $10.00 that would be great.


If you have any questions you can contact Akela (Vicki Thompson)

at  v.thompson@hotmail.com  or 416-920-2520.

One possible way to get there is provided in the map:

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