Sea Scouts Sailing Day!

1336138786We were pretty badly messed up by lousy weather on the 21st, so we’re trying again for the sailing part of the program. We will leave from the Church at 9:30 am to ensure we can make it to the QCYC tender on time. Eat breakfast before you come. We will have lunch on the boats. We will be outside all day – dress for the weather. Please also bring 2 TTC tickets, a water bottle and a bag lunch.

We will return to the church between 2:45 and 3:45pm (exact time depends on wind conditions and the ferry we catch, we’ll post an update here when we know which ferry we’ll catch) or you can meet us on Algonquin Island after 1:30pm or at the ferry docks on the city side at 2:15 or 2:45 if you prefer.

Provisional schedule

  • 9:30am depart via TTC for Queen’s Quay Terminal
  • 10:15am depart via QCYC tender for the island
  • 10:30am Flag raising at QCYC (Tentative)
  • 10:45am parts of a sailboat, rigging sailboats
  • 11:00am Head out on the the water and SAIL! (The boats we’ll be sailing on are all at least 26’ long keelboats. We may race each other if we can talk the skippers into it.)
  • We’ll have lunch on the water as time permits
  • 1:30pm return to the QCYC clubhouse and thank the skippers, lower our flag on the club yard arm
  • 2:00pm or 3pm catch the Ward’s Island ferry back to the city

PDF version of this information