End of year camp

Once again another successful camp for the 403rd Toronto Scout Group!

As the 2016/17 Scouting Year draws to a close and we start preparing the 2017/18 program, some thank you notes.

To the youth, we are so proud of the achievements that you’ve accomplished over the past year. Scouter Matt introduced service bars (denoting how long you’ve been part of Scouting) to the group and it was encouraging to see how many years many of the youth have been with the group.

For the two youth that swam up from Beavers to Cubs, there are some exciting times ahead as you go on new adventures and make friends in the Cub Pack.

To the Scouts and Venturers, you should be very proud of yourself for the way you have embraced the Canadian Path, led activities and mentored the younger youth in the group.

To the Scouters, thank you for dedicating your time to another year of Scouting. A lot of work goes into preparing the evening programs and weekend camps and without you we wouldn’t have such a successful group.

Lastly, thank you to parent committee for all the behind-the-scenes and fundraising work, and for Dixon Hall for enabling us to continue meeting in the community hall.