Thank you all for your support on Apple Day!

Thanks to all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, leaders and parents who came out to help this year. All of your efforts are appreciated! Let’s strive for 100% participation next year.

I think in the end it was reasonably successful in spite of the Navy League and the rain. We don’t know yet how successful we were, but we went through at least one more basket of apples than we did last year. Here are a few photos from down at St. Lawrence Market this morning. We didn’t get any photos from Parliament and Carlton, but CTV came to visit and Amelia, Savhanna, and Morgan were on camera at various points. Not sure when it was to be used, but my guess was the 6 o’clock news. If anyone saw it, let us know.

Apple Day 2013

This is our key fundraiser for the year and we need everyone to help out for at least one shift.

Youth will be doing the direct requests, but parents are critical to success – ensuring adequate supervision and supporting the youth in what can be a challenging endeavour for them. The section leaders are few in number and already put hundreds of hours into running program for your youth. Your help is needed to make the group work.

Wear your uniform proudly and visibly! If weather makes this difficult, please at least ensure that your scarf is visible. Wearing an undershirt under your uniform can help and a sweater is usually less obstructive of your uniform than a coat or hoody.

Reissue Sea Scout Crest

Hello Skippers, Mates, Coxswains, Sea Scouts, and Scouters,

I’m the former skipper of the 403TO Sea Scouts in downtown Toronto and currently an assistant with the same ship’s company and QM for the group. In my youth I was a Sea Scout at the 1st West Hill in Scarborough (now defunct).

At the Canadian Jamboree this summer, I really enjoyed the opportunity to connect with other Sea Scouts from across the country, especially the lone group between Ontario and BC (you know who you are 144). In general badge trading, I came across an old Sea Scout crest and traded for it as the holder didn’t really have any interest in it. Once I had it I found that the Sea Scouts I met were very interested in it and were all eager to trade for it. I ultimately traded it to one new sea scout who very much wanted it for his own jacket. It got me thinking though about how little Sea Scout material is available to us.