Sea Scouts back on the Island Sep 8

First Island Meeting of 22/23

Welcome back to a new Scouting year. More details will follow very soon, but wanted to give you a heads up that our first meetings will be back on the island and we will be sailing and canoeing until October 6. There is even more important information below, so please read this whole email.

As always, our island meetings will begin at the foot of York Street at 5pm so we can catch the 5:15 tender to QCYC. This becomes more important as the days shorten, and we’ll be getting on the water right away and making our supper together a little later.

ISLAND TRAVEL NOTE: We know that many of you experienced serious challenges with driving down in time. I expect Queen’s Quay and other similar routes will remain difficult for driving. I would strongly recommend that you consider allowing your Scout to use the harbourfront streetcar from Union Station or even walking down from another street further north. If anyone would find it helpful, I am prepared to wait at King and York Street from 4:30-4:50pm on Thursdays to meet Scouts who would like to walk down from there. Scouts could either take the King Streetcar to meet me or if parents wanted to drive, they should find it somewhat less awful than Queen’s Quay and Lakeshore. Note that you can only drive one block on this section of King before having to turn onto another street. However, you could use Adelaide or Richmond to approach and then turn to King for the one block to meet me. If you want to use this option, you must tell me by text (647-824-1408) and you must arrive by 4:50pm.

Additional Dates

 Apple Day — October 14-15

This is our most important fundraiser and we need and expect all Scouts and parents to take part for at least 4 hours. It will happen at Union Station and St. Lawrence Market on the Friday and Saturday. Details TBA

Canoe Adventure — October 16

The Sea Scouts Will have an all day adventure paddling through the Toronto Islands. We’ll make at least one meal together and make the most of the last time we’ll be on the water until spring.

Skipper Keith