Information for the Skyline Camp this weekend

Just in case any of you lost it and are looking for it today, here’s the material I sent out about the camp:

We’ll meet at the church on Friday night, and will leave at 6pm sharp. Please ensure that you are on time so you don’t get left behind. Scouter Andrew will have his trailer for gear to make car packing easier. I’m the camp chief for the whole camp (it’s for the whole area and there will be about 40 Scouts there), so I’ll be going up early. Scouter Andrew and Scouter Ihab will be in charge of the departure. Scouter Andrew and one parent are driving up, so the cars will be full. Make sure you have eaten before you come to the church, or bring something you can eat easily.

We will return to the church about 2 pm on Sunday. Please ensure your parents are there to meet you, or you are able to go home on your own.

The kit list, menu and camp outline are here for your information.